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Saturday, 8 September 2012

You'd be forgiven if you thought this was a homage to the fashionable spectacle wearers of this world. Yes that means your head is reeling in the aftermath of guilty Net-a-Porter purchases after a few glasses of wine on a Friday night...

"Oh I think I can still carry that off, what's a wafer thin lace-trimmed angora play-suit with jellyfish prints got to do with age?! It's designer, the tailoring alone will obscure any lumpy bits that pilates hasn't obliterated yet!"

Well no, this is a book by a friend of mine (sociology and computer studies would have been such a dull affair without his witty notes during lectures to keep me, awake, sharp and thoroughly amused!) about the "ZX Spectrum" era of computer games. Pass the link on to all who will enjoy this witty journey down the retro road and discover the fascinating journey of Gaming Times.
Dan is an expert in the history and you'll definitely have a hoot along the way if you can avoid "Pac-Man" and keep "Jet-Set Willy's" credit afloat!
I hear Jet-Set Willy shacked up with Mickey Rourke in the 80's, I wonder if Dan has a before and after pic - "Where are they Now?" photo op! And Pac-Man put on a load of weight after eating all those DOTS he thought were low-fat. He's about to go on Dr. Phil to talk through his Dot issues;) Apparently the Doc is qualified for that one!!!
Speccy Nation

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