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Friday, 14 September 2012

Now I have lived in Denmark and love their matter of fact attitude to everything. They exude by nature practicality, resourcefulness and are painfully honest (you get used to that, it was a shock to a fluffy, flighty English Girl who would go to outer space and beyond for a diplomatic, softly spoken alternative way of broaching a difficult or critical subject) but at the end of the day the Danes make for efficiency at every level, even their dictionary is shorter than the average language (thank goodness Danish is a bit of a tongue twister) and you always know where you are with a Dane... Honest and decisive. That's what Lego does for the mind!
So Denmark have done it again, they've come up with a solution that helps both parties here... Please read this article it's a concept that I think would roll out (no pun intended) all around the world. GOOD ONE DENMARK YOU SAUCY CAMPERS... KEEPING THE NUMBERS UP!

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