Tuesday, 11 September 2012

After uploading new versions (proof read!) of both my books onto Kindle many of you have been asking when you can get the updated versions. I've written to Amazon and asked if they would let you know but it seems more likely (if they deem the changes important-I have no power over that decision)
that you can go in and update them yourselves, so they probably won't send an email to you directly.

But I have to wait for them to confirm what they will do (can take 4wks:(... if they do anything at all. I have pleaded with them and that its so important you all have the chance to update and my readers are invaluable to me and them!

So lets hope they let me know soon, keep track on updates through the blog as I won't be able to e-mail you all ( wouldn't want to miss anyone out.) Tell you friends too if they've also got older versions. Of course I'm not adverse from you buying it again;) get me steam rolling up those ranking charts but I know that's far too cheeky!!! (But by all means feel free, it'll give me a restful mind on Book3)

Just check in from time to time or easier still, befriend me on FaceBook so it comes straight into your news-feed xxxxx Thanks everyone I'm trying my utmost to get the updates for you. Stay TUNED san diego and thanks for stopping by!!! Have a great evening and download new versions if you're feeling generous in spirit xxx You know I'm grateful for every sale :))))

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