September Sales Hotting Up

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Not only is the third book hotting up in the chapters, the sales of the current 2 aren't doing too badly either Mrs Robinson if I do say so myself. Just a little thank you post to all for a tremendous September, keep doing what you're doing I couldn't do it without you xxx

How to get into the Top 10 on Kindle like Shades of Grey:)

Moving Up On Manolo's swinging from 120-300 and riding the wave, but how to get into the top 10?
Any valid suggestions and not I'm not adding BDSM every other page just for the hell of it!

She paid for the milk but that was not all it signified, by exchanging money for creamy delights she'd entered into his web of dark dairy, before time she'd be pounding the cheese-churn with all the strength she could muster.
"I'm not interested in Yogurt" he shouted at her, scorning her feeble pace.
She quickened her tugging and reached for the cheesecloth.
'You're not ready for the cloth' his words stinging her delicate ear lobe, 'you haven't even got a curdle going.. you amateur.' He reached around her and forced her hand onto the handle.....
Give me a scenario and I'll get it to sounds like SOG!!

USA You're so quick!

Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday Fun! Read an Excerpt from 'Fighting Love' see if it tickles your fancy;)

Excerpt from Fighting Love

‘Enchanted,’ he says lifting my hand to his lips and kissing it. What is going on? Does he think this is the set of Mad Men and I’m interviewing for a secretarial post? I dart a glance at Sam and Luke and see them grinning.
‘We haven’t gone through the wardrobe into a land of enchantment,’ I snap, pulling my hand from his.
‘You’re wasting your time if you think your charms will work on our Harry,’ Sam chortles.
‘Yeah Harry will eat you for breakfast,’ Luke adds for good measure.
‘Is that right.’ The actor cocks his head to one side and gives me a speculative look. Now that I have his attention I wish I didn’t, his eyes keep twinkling at me. ‘Maybe I might like that?’
Luke and Sam laugh but I don’t see anything remotely amusing in his smarmy presumptions.
‘You don't look much like a stunt-woman?’
‘You don’t look much like an actor?’ I smart back.


Thanks USA... good ranking for MUOM, you all have a dandy weekend xxx Wonder if we can whittle that down to the # 1000 or 100's ??? Yours in hope, NW:)

Facebook deleting Fakes!

Quick can you all like my page! Only joking, there's never any point feigning popularity, loyal and steadfast my readers are and I thank them for that, they have their own (steadily expanding) cyber bubble of popularity xxx
But seriously... tell your friends and family to like my page, otherwise I'll have 2 followers; one's a cat and one mistakenly 'liked' because he thought he could get cheap garden fertiliser. That never counts!

Courting the Cuttlefish

Obviously they autumn in the south of France with the Fitz-octopuses! Sea creatures do not want their mystique to disappear along with their habitat that's why they're paparazzi shy! Fascinating creatures.


Thursday, 27 September 2012

For all of you asking about if you can update FIGHTING LOVE! You can amazon have spoken! THANKS GUYS AND GALS AT AMAZON.
MUOM update email should be coming to your mailbox soon if they decide the same. Thank you all for your patience xxx

We are happy to announce that an updated version of your past Kindle purchase of Fighting Love (A Romantic Comedy) by Nina Whyle is now available. The version you received had the following issues that have been corrected: 

Significant editorial issues were present.
Also, new content has been added. 

Before you update to the new version, check to see that all devices that you have used to read this book are connected to a network and that their Annotations Backup settings are turned on. This will ensure that your notes, highlights, bookmarks and furthest reading location are retained in the new version. For help with modifying settings, please visit

You can get this new version by going to the Manage Your Kindle page at Find the book in your Kindle Library and click on the “update available” link next to the book’s title. Within 5 minutes, any of your devices that have the eBook currently downloaded and have an active wireless connection will be updated automatically. 

Alternatively, you can reply to this email with the word "Yes" in the first line of your response. Your e-mail response must come from the e-mail address associated with your Amazon account. We will update your book within 2 hours of receiving your email. 

We thank you for your business with Amazon.
Customer Service Department

Hubble v Curiosity

Of course Hubble's been up there since 1990 making it the godfather of kodak moments in space.
I like to call him "Papa Cosmos Corleone." Large and a little cumbersome whacking his flashes all over planetary systems, "you want distance galaxies, I'll give you distance galaxies, talk to Mumbles he gotta a few moons out in sector zw45-1! Yeah Pluto's still a planet I guarantee you quality stardust, don't listen to the rookie."

This image is worth thinking about, an inkling of an angle and we get 5.500 galaxies. Yep you've guessed it I will be spending the rest of the day wondering who lives there. Or is it like the Antarctic or Australian outback no neighbours for light years on end? But when you do find them there's beer and a barbee:) or very iced vodka served by black and white waiters (penguins). I'd like to think our first encounter of a third kind will have a party atmosphere, or any atmosphere come to that matter... I could go on with this all earth day 'matter' (light and dark)... what is the length of your day? ... etc... etc... etc...

Joy Division- Control

If you haven't watched the stunningly well shot film then please do, it's a poignant look into Ian's world told with realist grace and beautifully acted. Now there's a book coming out for the fascinating morphing band. Without them our blues on a Monday wouldn't seem the same. They coined it.

Escape to the Sun on a Tight Budget

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

It may not be the same as the azure tropical ocean lapping at your feet but your credit card will endure the transaction somewhat easier!  Indulge yourself, step into the bubbly bath preferably with some bubbly and whisk yourself away with Jane's surprising adventures in ???


For everyone who loves Chicklit!  Watch out on the site for news!!!!???? around our lovely girlie world.
It's a great site follow on FB!

Google Maps v Apple 3D

If you're an avid diver or cherish all the wonderful things in our world you'll love the next venture in google maps. Google are mapping our coral reefs, they are so important to our environment this will be a very useful data source for keeping our seas and oceans cleaner, stopping over fishing and protect our delicate existence. I love all things Apple (apart from IOS6 without google maps) but GO GOOGLE!

Coen Brothers TV adaption In the Pipeline

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Exciting News for TV :) YipYIP

Campaign Trail Increases Momentum

Oooo...Lah Lah merci beaucoup - Fighting Loves still on the campaign trail.... New readers welcome and may I wish you a fluffy fun read of the book xxx

Paris, I take it back!

I thought the traffic jams in Paris were bad enough, but Bangkoks 24 hour superhighways soon trumped the Parisians and here Brazil where the street carnivals should be more prominent than the cars unless footballs on. Solution = play more football Brazil and abandon your mad commuter route across Sao Paulo. Or spend some Reais on city railways links. Bangkok, Paris you've been trumped!

Perfect Symbioses!

For what fuels us can fuel us! This should please a few Highlanders:)


Monday, 24 September 2012

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #967 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

    Woohooo... I'll bake you all cyber fairy cakes xxx Thanks UK, jolly good hockey sticks xxx You're in a fluffly fun mood! Well why not, you've had a spectacular year;)

    Soufflés Made Easy

    I never thought this Monday would hold so many nice surprises whilst Autumn winds hail at my window panes. Thanks All xxx  You make my quivering moments disappear xxx



    Downtown Abbey- Hot Millions

    Well Maggie Smith deservedly wins... she has the best one line deliveries, comic genius. But these are the films I really love her in, they're such cosy films check them out.
    How can anyone overlook Don Draper....??? ;)

    Quickie Update

    Sunday, 23 September 2012

    Fighting Love literally zoomed up the charts today from near oblivion

    TOPLESS-Live Chicks do as You...

    Now for all of you hitting on this blog via porn-sites or other curiosity! Serves you right! (you're confusing my audience numbers) If you can't convince a sassy switched on lady to entertain your seedy existence in reality you'd better get reading some chicklit and see how our romantic minds work!

    Paparazzi is a sexist disgusting pursuit and why are men never subjected to that level of attention!
    I'm not a royalist, but think Kate is entitled to sue the pants of you f***•••'s !
    Just publish who don't mind being published.... in the end we are talking about mammary glands!

    Kindle v Walmart !

    Could this possibly be the reason (USA) for a slip in rankings?! I hope not, don't forget the books are for sale on other e-platforms!!!
    I'm sure Kindle doesn't need a physical shelf anymore than amazon needs to have a coffee shop with today's chocolate offers at the end of checkout, the virtual store has plenty of virtual space. But of course this news will have some quaking in their boots, but "Waterstone's" on the other hand embraces its direct competition.
    The juxtaposition of this leaves me wondering if in fact they have a master plan up their literary sleeve, maybe as soon as certain titles get popular they offer the author a publishing contract with exclusive limited prints. It will be the equivalent of when people thought all music would be CD's and all other formats would become obsolete, true in some cases but "Vinyl" the older format still remains strong, just collectable. So I wonder in my pondering if that's the marketing ploy... "Waterstones" becomes the connoisseur of collecting. People (no matter how techy they are) always have their favourite things surrounding them, books will always be there! Libraries are fascinating, plain and simply. We're not going to give them up. What's the chances of "architectural designer shelving systems" popping up and being sold alongside the Kindle and physical books in Ikea - Waterstones?!
    Oh I hear disbelief echoing around cyber world here, I have one thing to say about that...  
    "Fahrenheit 451" A book about destruction of books and how TV would destroy the world of literature yet it's paradoxical in itself! Mr Bradbury made a healthy living from his writings! J.K Rowling a healthy living from Film! I'm sure one day I'll pen a comedy about life whilst watching Mother's eighties American soap opera's, shoulder pads n' all, maybe Waterstones could design the book's cover as detachable shoulder pads. "The Duology"of all book covers
    We live in a topsy-turvy world:) Somewhat symbiotical:)✓&query=nina+whyle


    Friday, 21 September 2012

    I googled this just for fun, it is Friday after all! I will carefully seek out the purple spectrums of my wardrobe and avoid group gatherings on those dates! Learn something new every day;)

    Noble Prize Winners- Medicine's is a concern!!!

    I didn't actually register the (Ig) at first, there I was bleary eyed this morning without a sip of coffee, imagine my surprise as I read the winning work for the Medicine Prize! For one moment I thought I never knew about that risk? Is it common knowledge?!! ~That's why morning coffee is a must!

    TATE MODERN - A Dane with a Message

    Go see... if you're in London.

    Google Maps v Apple's IOS6

    Thursday, 20 September 2012

    I had a sneaking suspicion on how Apple were supposed to trump Google Maps when they've been working solidly on gathering information for years. I have the old, olde worlde, prehistoric, pre Bieber 4 and was reluctant to upgrade because of the loss of Google Maps. So from someone with no sense of direction even if armed with Map, giant landmarks, sundial, satnav... google get me there as I can follow my blob as I'm walking. BTW I suggest Apple make an App where Siri can have a personality of your choice....   Hal is within our reach!
    Personally I would like a high brow ironic sense of humour with an attitude... think Holly (Red Dwarf) Marvin the Robot (Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy)... endless entertainment, but remember HAL! Gulp

    Festival of Romance 2012

    With the upcoming event of 2012's Festival of Romance 16-18th. November.
    I wondered if any of you readers, fellow authors or people of Bedford had been to it and can offer a first hand insight to this yummy prospective event? As you know I'm a relative new comer to the scene of chick-lit and thought to ask you... the discerning readers-authors-festival attendees what you thought of it!
    Let me know, I'd be most interested to hear from you all.  Maybe I can make my way to the corn exchange with straw in my hair and a skip in my step and attend my first Romance Festival, sounds good when you put it like that doesn't it?!
    Maybe they have area's like a music festival...
    One for Period Romance in a plush manor house (costume optional- Austen-Downtown Abbey Fans);
    Lust Lounge (S.O.G-Fans);
    The Chill out Cavern (come hither)  "I'm the dashing dark object of your desires, keep you guessing ambivalent Captain" Meet and Greet the characters of the winning novels;
    The Kissing Kaleidoscope Tent - ten demonstrations of the best written kisses of this year;
    Main Arena - guys who easily transfer to front covers of Books!!! (Viewing Gallery Tickets must be presented at entrance!)   Hmmm my mind wanders!


    More surprising than launching a "Palin" at the campaign. Least it's one way to save the GDP of a small country, money +time could be used elsewhere! I would give it serious contemplation America.
    Canada has a long winter, plenty of time for abstract idea's to come out of log cabin fever! Plus they can keep an eye on Palin for you;) Kick back and let the hippy's argue "Existentialism is a Humanism"  bill at the senate, then grab your popcorn and watch the republican's toupee's frizzle.

    Universal Music- I present "The Particles!"

    I couldn't resist! Listen to the link. They're trance loving hipsters with an experimental edge! Adventure Time Cartoon has it's soundtrack at last!
    "The Particles" musical maestro's of the future:)


    Wednesday, 19 September 2012

    Just follow the link.... and the end of the rainbow awaits:)

    Twitter, Tweets and Re-tweetering!

    There's no doubt social media is a part of every day life now, unless you've been stuck in the outer regions of a Mongolian Monastery for the past 20 yrs after taking a vow of "un-matrixed""un-wired""what's that? Mobile phones? But how? I-want-nothing-to-do-with-evil-invisible-witchcraft" kind of vow.
    I'm sure spiritual leaders are now catering for this.
    (Yes all right, all right, one of those lines is blatant plagiarism from MUOM but I'm allowed to lift lines from my own book and pass them off as my own?!?!...hmmm interesting conundrum.)
    It's a nice little marketing pitch for those sacred (often strange places) to recoup some costs, a monastery on the Isle of Wight offers such a placement! I wonder if the Abbot has wi-fi?! Otherwise how would he know who's coming to stay? Everywhere is nearly connected Blofeld... (stroke white cat:) & who are our Mr Smiths?
    That remains to be seen. (And no it's not me! I would at least offer cake with a pleasant chat before engaging in anti-gravitational fighting.)


    Just because I'll get withdrawal symptoms if I don't post 'em up! Remember to buy now while they're still less than 1 of your money's:)   Also the new versions are waiting for your valued verdicts xxx
    Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #216 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

    Average Customer Review: 

    Adopting an Adult!

    There's always a little something that catches my eye on the beeb in the mornings perusal of world news. This is quite something but I think the Japanese are missing a trick, women make excellent business leaders our brains are hard wired for multi decision making (scientific fact). I'm all for tradition when it's relevant or decorative enriching our understanding and the origins of this story are honourable but preen your daughters - it's only adding confusing for them in the dating game! The dating circuit needs no more confusion I think most of you will agree. (Maybe a little bit, tiny bit, ooooerrr what's the word??? Sexist!) Just open the adoption up for all, it's an interesting system overall.

    Too Early for Christmas?

    Tuesday, 18 September 2012

    Very exciting seeing the world where "Moving Up On Manolo's," "Fighting Love" and the upcoming, dare I say anticipated "Book 3" presides growing to lofty dimensions. Now how about gifting an economical gift this year to someone's E-mail, Tablet, Kindle, Nook, App and all things readable for under a
    £1 - $1 - €1 You can't even get a large chocolate bar for that! So it's pure economics:)

    Bend it like the Danes!

    I was horrified when I saw this article, the Danes have had this brilliant system (nothing incentivises more than money!) for decades, they were recycling before the word existed. Everyone I know in Denmark recycles without even giving it a thought. Some cut backs are not worth the environmental cost, don't mess with "pants" (that's what the extra charge is called in Danish.) Yes that does leave it wide open to lewd jokes but so does "Fart" and "Slags." Oooh... go on google translate, Danish is quite funny in English!
    Keep your system Denmark and export a few more windmills:)

    HOT MEN - Earn BIG BUCKS-Learn to Listen!

    This article caught my eye:) It makes most interesting reading, what do'ya know women paying a premium for someone who listens to them! OK there's some other stuff going on (optional) but primarily used as a sounding board. Western Men you're missing a trick here!
    Interesting twist what "we" (ladies) put up with others see as an entrepreneurial gap in the market! Just different ways of thinking. Let's face it there is gaping gap sometimes;)

    Up and Down like the Assyrian Empire!

    Watching your rankings in Amazon is akin to watching your first born go off to school, but in this case you get a daily school report back from the teacher. Nail-biting stuff. When the second child's turn to attend comes along you're more relaxed and like to see them do well, but for some reason your expectations for the first are always higher, scrutinising their ups and down. Whereas your 2nd gets a pat on the back more readily if it does a quarter of the work! Any Authors have the same experience?
    So without further ado here are the school reports!

    Fighting Love Competition

    Monday, 17 September 2012

    Thanks to all that entered this weekend. Congratulations to Gabrielle N. who's receiving the prize gifted by her friend Dominique (who has both books already!)
     What a nice thing to do for your friend... ENJOY Gabrielle :)

    Mark Zuckerberg Speaks and shares GAIN $ 6.8 billion

    Maybe he should swap careers and take up public speaking. An unlikely candidate?! Not a smooth operator, a natural motivator perhaps but wow our world is very touchy, very reactionary- I'm gobs-smacked. Proves the stock markets are behaving like PMT women! Look to your Demi-Gods! Try Divination... anything is worth a go if one man with poor dress sense can conjure that;) No Offence Mr Zuckerberg but you know you're not David Beckham it will hardly come as a shocking revelation, but smart foresight on your scale is undeniably more enviable than a well cut suit.
    Now imagine if he had the foxiness of B.Pitt and the cheeky charm of Clooney! Our whole world would be out of the debt crisis in 30 seconds... Food for thought IMF!

    My Week with Marilyn v Prometheus

    Sunday, 16 September 2012

    Felt like watching a non 3D movie set on earth for a change! Sci-fi was given a rest this week. But for the scientists in Ridley Scott's movie they showed about as much caution as a drunk Scot in front of a live microphone. Bladerunner standards it was not, the scientists should have been more scientific surely that's their whole purpose, their life's ambition and they behave like a calamity circus version of Kurtz!
    Giant heads beware of if you accidental land on a windy seemingly deserted planet.

    My week with Marilyn is a really nice film, poignant, touching and just the perfect film to relax with on a Sunday. My favourite line, "Teaching a Badger Urdu would be easier!"


    It's funny to see your own books ranking higher than Fay Weldon, Stephen King, Stephen Fry and Sandi Toksvig.
    All these writers I admire greatly and know they're far more prolific and successful (plus in hardback) than I am out of kindle universe. But I do take a smidgen of satisfaction seeing MUOM & FL outrank them in the cyber world, I look at Amazon and squint my eye (ignore their millions of glowing reviews and RRP) and imagine one day... just one day my books will in a window somewhere.


    Moving Up On Manolo's crashes through the #200 and edges towards women's top 10! EXCITING :)

    Bestsellers in Women's Fiction

    Bestsellers in Women Writers & Fiction

    The most popular items in Women Writers & Fiction. (Learn more)

    1. MOVING UP ON MANOLOS (A Romantic Comedy)
      Nina Whyle
      Available for download now


    Moving UP has done! Will you whittle it up to pass the #200?   Thanks all


    Nearly, holding on... but anyone want to give me a push up? Book 3 will delight you all then!
    It's an easy equation
    (Gx2+ R/P = 3X + Q) = :) R+N
    (Growth of sales in both books plus Rank Prolifically climbing up equals 3 good (if not excellent) books you'll enjoy plus quality of writing much better) sums up to Happiness for All
    (READERS+ NINA) :)

    Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #225 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

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