Coca Cola or Kardashian's? Symbol of Globalization, really?

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Hmmm always tricky to slip France into the same article as North Korea and Cuba. What's the common denominator here? I'll let your minds ponder over that one.

FGS It's a drink, it's a mixer, it bubbles. WHOOPEEDO!
Think about our future space exploration and when we do mingle with the Martians:)
"What symbolises your world, what's your signal?"
"Always Coco Cola!"
or Kim's
"I hate when women wear the wrong foundation colour, it might be the worst thing on the planet."
"To attack we only have to go to Boots and stock up on Essex Orange, putty in our spindly hands Marvin. Interesting spectrum the human race, not really a race is it! For one you have to have a foundation to build a foundation! Definitely put them in sub-species category. Ooooh look Marvin Martian intelligent life... a dolphin." Martians move on swiftly hopefully stopping by at Stephen Hawking's house, now there's a reality relativity series that would be interesting.

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