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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

I keep thinking back to my first run when I ran for twenty minutes - to now - running 8 miles in an hour and a half. And the best bit about running, is just how great it is making me feel. I am more energetic and motivated and determined to push myself further, not just with my running, but in all aspects of my life.

I tend to find the first 2km the hardest but then I get into it and always finish a run, happy. My goal over the next 6 weeks is to reach 13miles.

Wish me luck,


Monday, 18 July 2016

With a bout of insomnia often comes discovery. Mine was at 3am this morning when I delved into BBC I-player and discovered Grace F Victory. I was immediately on the phone to Nina (at a respectful 9o'clock) and insisted she get onto iPlayer now.

Ms Victory is exactly that: victorious; plus courageous, witty, intelligent and she has something to say - a real honest, straight-talking woman. If I see another bugatti,  bulgarri, borlotti frekkin-bingo-vegan bean meal pop up on my recipe search (btw BBC goodfood please stay) I will personally imprison Gwyneth Paltrow and force feed her cheese! She started this somewhat.

Grace steps into the world of clean eating and uncovers what we secretly suspected all along. If you can't keep up with the current flurry of green domestic goddesses and walk around like a skeleton holding on to your last ripple of flesh, watch this. You'll feel a whole lot better, and triumphant in the fact you can sit down on your bottom without shredding the cushions.

Grace's investigation into the science behind starving yourself of food groups is an eye-opener and truly fascinating. Apparently our bones do need to do something - they prop you up for a start! Vegan days good, vegan lifestyle hmmm....  you must be aware of what your body needs and do it sensibly.

Orthorexia has led to a multi million pound business that seems to be (wait for it) led by the people
who suffer orthorexia, and no they don't look healthy; charlatans generally do look similar to the cat that got the cream and gorged themselves for five hours straight. Grace's direct questions gets them all in a tither because they have to be fact, because fact = truth, which they all struggle with.  She qualified in nutrition whilst filming, some green gurus have that same qualification which can lead to this evangelistic preaching of don't eat anything that civilisation has ate for thousands of years... it's toxic don't you know! The diploma itself is as hard to get as melted ice-cream on a sunny day.

So well done Grace, we love it and you have two new fans. Beauty comes from the mind and that's true beauty. Stretching of the mind, all good marks wherever they are. I do believe woman have acquired the power of thought these days, regardless of Barbie and Disney, Vogue images to reality trash attempts to dumb us back in time. Shocking eh!

BTW coming back to the superficial, could you do my eyebrows? Your's just awesome, mine tend to look for gardening implements these days!


Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Not bad at all NO. 6!
  • #6My DisOrganised Life

    Author: Nina Whyle

    My DisOrganised Life


    A viral video of drunkenness and vomiting over a policeman is the stuff of nightmares, and so is living back home with your religious, nutty parents. Fed up with life not going her way and turning quietly insane, Eve Poots comes up with a plan. Well more of a list of “things to do while I’m still twenty-something”. 
    Six months later, and the list is working its power: she is now living with her new boyfriend, junior doctor Adam, and working as an assistant to TV producer Alastair on a reality show – life really is on the up. 
    But then it all starts to crumble and she soon realises that what the list should have really said was: 
    1. Awful colleague hell-bent in making your life agonising – check 
    2. Unplanned engagement – check 
    3. Lusting for dashing TV director when you have a perfectly decent boyfriend at home - check 
    4. Seeking help from a sex therapist – check 
    5. Growing a back-bone - pending 
    Has her life suddenly turned into a TV melodrama of its own?


My Disorganised Life is certainly jet setting at the moment. Love it when you send me these, keep it up. The Ultimate Travel Book! Courtesy of the Danglish xxx

AMAZING REVIEW - My DisOrganised Life

Sunday, 3 July 2016

That's one Brunette who definitely wasn't bored! Thank you so much Maeve xxx   Here's the link of what our lovely brunette really thought about the book:)


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