Sunday, 25 September 2011

"Moving up on Manolos made its debut this week and so did I on Face-Time. It was better than OPRAH, RICHARD & JUDY put together, so thank you ladies of the subterranean cellar circle. Hmmm... another book title in the making... The only real magic is in the imagination and these gals had plenty of that. It was quite amazing to get feedback from all of you that took the time to read my novel, so a massive thank you to Eve, Andrea, Rozy, Hannah, Charlotte, Claire, Lucy, Lesley, Stephanie, Jo and Natasha.

Our hostess with the mostest, the delightful Eve Walker gave us a little assignment, casting the book with NO BUDGETARY LIMITS!! Words that don't come easy to any film accountant.

So to cast my leading lady and leading man:

Jane Allen - Anne Hathaway. I heard her sing at the Oscar's this year and she was sensational. I also loved her in The Devil Wears Prada and Becoming Jane; and proving she can master the English accent.
Michael Canty - Oh crikey this was really difficult. I'd have said, Colin Firth straight off the back of Pride & Prejudice but that was 1995, 16 years ago, so a tad too old to pay horror writer, Michael Canty. But keeping in line of men in breeches I'm going to pluck for Michael Fassbender. He's playing the broody, volcanic Mr Rochester in a cinema near you and could definitely be called upon for some serious bodice ripping!

The same question was posed to rest of the CELLARS book club and they make for an interesting and varied assemblage.

Jane Allen - Kate Winslet, Gemma Arterton, Jennifer Aniston or Kim Kardashian; "For someone who is always so serious and tea-total I think to see her fall at the baggage reclaim after a few drinks for dutch courage would be quite humerous." I have only ever seen the woman grace the glossies so I will have to take Natasha's word on that.
Michael Canty - Jesse Williams, Gerard Butler, Chris Evans (Captain American not the Radio 2 DJ)
Alex Canty (best friend and Hollywood actor) - James Marsden, Brad Pitt
Bob Edwards (Mr Hollywood) - Jeff Bridges, Tom Hanks, Simon Cowell
Sian (Flatmate) - Freema Agyeman, America Ferrara
Kimberly Roberts (bitchy actress) - Amanda Seyfield, Megan Fox, Jessica Simpson
Howard Mears (slimey agent) - Michael Winner, Alex Baldwin, Sean Penn
Philip (Jane's Ex) - Johnny Lee Miller, Patrick Bergin
Eli - (Mystery Man) - Jake Gyllenhaal, Jeff Goldblum, ROBERT REDFORD!!
Nicholas (New York Choregrapher) - Sean Hayes, Louis Spence, Ben Stiller

Why don't you read Moving Up On Manolos and see if you agree with this. All suggestions welcome, who do you visualise when the characters pop up from the page?

Before Botox

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Do the test first, get your wet hair twist the towel turban as tight as you can, walk around for 2 hours gaze at your taught reflection and think if you would be friends with someone who looked like that without secretly searching for op-lines!

Trying for a global Audience whilst colouring my dawdy hair

Hello World, need to get my global stats green. Link my blog to your facebook, twitter.
Merci X

A fish out of water or merely a flying fish?

I didn't give the marketing of my book that much thought when dreaming of scenario's for Jane's arrival in New York. Jane being the humorous protagonist in "Moving Up On Manolo's" and New York well New York is New York who's mind doesn't wonder there at least once a week! If only I had the marketing budget of a brown fizzy drink that some of you might be aware of, I do believe its American in origin! Any marketing suggestions are welcome from you fine thinking folk. Would like to see it move up on Kindle's reader bestsellers list from 10000000 to the 100 best-sellers, Top 10 is what dreams are made of!

So the big question, OK not the biggest question life has to offer, but right now the most complex to me, wading through a sea of cyber information, getting people to like facebook page, linkedin, stumbleupon...and what is a Splash? Drowning in this sea, think I'll make myself a Bloody Mary, it is 10 am after all!

Monday Blues

Monday, 12 September 2011

MONDAYS!!! Grrrrrr..... I hate spreadsheets. Sunday's lull you into bliss, then comes Monday-Sundays bitter mistress!

Sundays, a matter of recovering or staying under the covers

Sunday, 11 September 2011

It literally has taken a month of Sundays to write the books so now Sunday is my favoured day. The escapades of Saturday nights burnt into my memory with or without permission. All you ladies out there will giggle as your grey matter jolts into action as you browse through the chapters of "Moving Up on Manolo's" After all we're all girls together. Have a great Sunday xxx

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