A fish out of water or merely a flying fish?

Sunday, 18 September 2011

I didn't give the marketing of my book that much thought when dreaming of scenario's for Jane's arrival in New York. Jane being the humorous protagonist in "Moving Up On Manolo's" and New York well New York is New York who's mind doesn't wonder there at least once a week! If only I had the marketing budget of a brown fizzy drink that some of you might be aware of, I do believe its American in origin! Any marketing suggestions are welcome from you fine thinking folk. Would like to see it move up on Kindle's reader bestsellers list from 10000000 to the 100 best-sellers, Top 10 is what dreams are made of!

So the big question, OK not the biggest question life has to offer, but right now the most complex to me, wading through a sea of cyber information, getting people to like facebook page, linkedin, stumbleupon...and what is a Splash? Drowning in this sea, think I'll make myself a Bloody Mary, it is 10 am after all!

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