OLYMPIC SILVER on horseback

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Ladies of GB be proud, we've all practised riding away with Mr Darcy- how things pay off!!!
Our Woman are extraordinaire :)

Olympic Dash for MUOM- Oxford Uni following!

All in all it's been my most successful month ever, concerning book sales. MUCHAS GRASIAS XXX But MUOM has to break into the top # 10 and give a shade of pink, purple, or whatever is on-trend!

So I'm thinking could we have a 1st August flurry my friends and loyal readers? Amazon rankings move on splurts and spurts - they take into account movement rather than consistency. Now I am truly grateful for consistency as this is the route to longevity and book No. 3 will be counting on that. As you know both books are being proof read and the third has been offered services from Oxford University no less!!! Imagine my delight, having really messed up my English lit degree in its first term. :) Welcome high brow readers, I know you're relaxing when you come into my world:) You know who you are (hugs and kisses to you all day long) and this is just a blog-post to say thanks for coming onboard, writers are nearly incapable of editing their own work, that's why proof readers and editors are so important in the publishing world. We salute you tower of learning scholars xxx

Womens Volleyball- an Olympic treat!

I presume this is one of the most eagerly watched sporting events! Who knows why???  But team GB women are really strutting their stuff, c'mon fella's concentrate on your own competitions;))))

Olympic fencing controversy

Monday, 30 July 2012

Wow tensions are hotting up! That's how the world of competitive sport goes.
But well done South Korea, very valiant. I've never been so excited by a fencing tournament!
I hear there was a little discussion in men's gymnastics too;)

Olympic medals count-Girl power

Now team GB is being nicely encourage by our fantastic women athletes,
C'mon lads!!! But the Chinese lady swimmer beating all sexes and times is something else!
Talk about girl power! There is no obvious link to be made but team WORLD we have to get MUOM into that top #10 or at least break the 100 meters dash. We're not in the rock climbing extreme team for nothing gals and guys!!!


Sunday, 29 July 2012

Just watching my favourite from Wimbledon this year. He's such a crowd pleaser, Go Tsonga xxx

Olympic Medals Table

Well it wouldn't be gracious to show off at your own party;) Saying that MUOM has slid down the white water canoe slalom, c'mon team GB get behind the writing bit of the Amazon Olympics. In the old days they did have poetry writing..... I feel a gold for UK there!!!

Danny Boyle-Amazing

Saturday, 28 July 2012

A true visionary of our time, don't do what's expected, don't listen to convention, keep true to your idea's... your thought process won't get tainted, twisted and imagination wins again!

Boris Johnson's personal message

Friday, 27 July 2012

Listening to Boris' dulcet flappy hair tones over the tube stations tannoy is like tuning into a Monty Python broadcast on Radio 4.  His message is now, 'don't get stuck and plan!' I see a Spike Milligan sketch coming on - man in mud hole planning how to dig a mud hole!

SWIM TEAM USA - Call me Maybe!

Look at SWIM TEAM USA.  Love.  Love.  Love this.  Sometimes you just need to goof around and have some fun.

Running for Gold

Stiff competition but Moving Up On Manolos is still in the game.

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #180 Paid in Kindle Store

Just when we though we cracked it Fighting Love slides clumsily to #1,950Fortunately this isn't a 100 metre-dash so there's every chance to bring home a medal. Besides we all know it's not the winning, it's the taking part.

Olympiamania- Go London!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Brilliant atmosphere in London, will blog and tweet about it all tomorrow whilst pounding our great city's streets. Ab Fab going through Chelsea with the torch, classic!   Everybody enjoy, it's for everybody all around the world xxx Peace and Love xxx and a bit of whiff whaff;)

Olympic Fever for Book 2;)


Manolo Blahniks at Liberty's

Oh no oh no just when we nearly broke into that elusive #100 overall ranking. We melt towards the 200 again:( C'mon Ladies get inspired about what inspired me to start with. The shoe maestro himself- luckily art can be worn, and classical fashionable at all times. So nice, so gorgeous yum:)


Hathaway rides Batman's... (motorbike, I was going to say motorbike.)

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

I've just seen The Dark Knight Rises, a brilliant BRILLIANT film. If you haven't seen it already go on GO NOW you won't be disappointed. I was really impressed with Anne Hathaway. She was my favourite character.

She plays Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman), which means she gets to wear a black leather jumpsuit, sky-high stiletto heels, and a pair of goggles that flip up on top of her head like cat ears. She also gets to play a tough female character, kick ass, and generally look fierce atop the BatPod. But when it comes to piloting the beast down the steps of Gotham's City Hall then it is Hathaway's stunt double who takes over. I don't blame Hathaway, steps are tricky at the best of times (ask heroine Jane Allen in Moving up On Manolos). It makes sense to use your stunt double because well if something goes wrong, which it did. Hathaway's bike double lost control and crashed the bike into some high-tech camera equipment. Fortunately she wasn't badly injured.

I have a friend who is a stunt woman, Holly Lumsden and she was one of the many stunt men and women who worked on The Dark Knight Rises. She did a scene where she was dragged head first down a flight of stairs (ouch!) and also had to smash up a room, shattering glass and mirrors (the crew wore protective shields!!). I'm immensely impressed by my friend's fearless nature in fact all the stunt men and women out there you are insanely cool and I salute thee.

My stunt double is the coolest, toughest, sweetest woman I have ever met... We've been working out together and it's really inspiring to see a girl act tough around the boy."

When Hathaway said this about her stunt double she could have been talking about my very own Harry Quinn in Fighting Love. Harry is a real action woman who takes her death defying stunts very seriously.  She doesn't have time to pander to the gorgeous superstar, Alex Canty and deals with the unwanted attraction by using her glib tongue and swift fighting moves to deflect any feelings on her part.

So for some serious chick badassery Harry is your man!

Flaming brilliant FIGHTING LOVE breaks the 1000 barrier.

We did it!  Un-effin-believable!  I love you guys.  My eyeballs are rolling into the back of my head with pleasure.

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #996 Paid in Kindle Store

1064-gees I've got competition with myself!!!

My goodness Fighting Love with alls it's little gremlin grammatical errors is now chasing the tail of Moving Up Manolo's! Whoopteedo!  "Manolo blahniks" are ON SALE at Liberty's right now.  They are so feminine everyone should have a pair (& you can actually walk in them contrary to Louboutins!!!)

Record Breaking News

Fighting Love had bashed through to #1434 - what an overnight climb. Is Climbing an Olympic sport yet? Well done team GB, USA lagging this morning. Is it jet lag?!!!

U.S.A = Bouncing Back MUOM

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

That's the spirit American Dream Team xxx

  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #4,166 Paid in Kindle Store 

Olympics...3 Days to go America!

Now it's come to my attention amazon.co.uk is running away with not only the torch, but thousands more sales than the good ol' USA, is Uncle Sam prepared for such defeats so soon in the proceedings???  Oh dear, is it a predictable gold medal for UK? Hmmm.
CALLING ALL finger athletes, eye athletes, imagination athletes to attention xxx

Malibu Barbie

She might be plastic, but her portfolio of property and assets are impressive.
Moving Up On Manolo's is set in London, Malibu and there's a surprise location when you get further into the book. Now the sun's out, we can all relate better to that Malibu vibe xxx Hot and Steamy

Shades of Grey- Stiff competition ;)

Monday, 23 July 2012

I don't think my ranking is too bad considering Shady's have the top 4, in normal circumstances without the Harry Potter of Raunchiness, I'd be number 6. So 10/11 is fabby. Anyone know a few million chicklit fans? Mine do have a very humorous side:)) Share the love xxx and ignore the typo's. The books are being proof read as we speak xxx

HELLO SUMMER- £ 0.77- $ 0.99

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  9. 11.
    MOVING UP ON MANOLOS (A Romantic Comedy)


Sunday, 22 July 2012

This is unreal to wake up to.... yes a little cocktail was drunk last night. I'm so HAPPY XXX THANKS EVERYONE, you make me feel alive xxx   Moving up has nearly broken into the sacred top # 100, I really can't believe it, typo's n'all

And We're Back in the Room :) THX ALL

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Just goes to show you, my readers are the truest most valued of people, look what they've done! Highest Ranking ever for MUOM.UK

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