Hathaway rides Batman's... (motorbike, I was going to say motorbike.)

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

I've just seen The Dark Knight Rises, a brilliant BRILLIANT film. If you haven't seen it already go on GO NOW you won't be disappointed. I was really impressed with Anne Hathaway. She was my favourite character.

She plays Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman), which means she gets to wear a black leather jumpsuit, sky-high stiletto heels, and a pair of goggles that flip up on top of her head like cat ears. She also gets to play a tough female character, kick ass, and generally look fierce atop the BatPod. But when it comes to piloting the beast down the steps of Gotham's City Hall then it is Hathaway's stunt double who takes over. I don't blame Hathaway, steps are tricky at the best of times (ask heroine Jane Allen in Moving up On Manolos). It makes sense to use your stunt double because well if something goes wrong, which it did. Hathaway's bike double lost control and crashed the bike into some high-tech camera equipment. Fortunately she wasn't badly injured.

I have a friend who is a stunt woman, Holly Lumsden and she was one of the many stunt men and women who worked on The Dark Knight Rises. She did a scene where she was dragged head first down a flight of stairs (ouch!) and also had to smash up a room, shattering glass and mirrors (the crew wore protective shields!!). I'm immensely impressed by my friend's fearless nature in fact all the stunt men and women out there you are insanely cool and I salute thee.

My stunt double is the coolest, toughest, sweetest woman I have ever met... We've been working out together and it's really inspiring to see a girl act tough around the boy."

When Hathaway said this about her stunt double she could have been talking about my very own Harry Quinn in Fighting Love. Harry is a real action woman who takes her death defying stunts very seriously.  She doesn't have time to pander to the gorgeous superstar, Alex Canty and deals with the unwanted attraction by using her glib tongue and swift fighting moves to deflect any feelings on her part.

So for some serious chick badassery Harry is your man!

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