Cheap Holiday to Norway-Is this what Bergen feels like?

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Without stepping on a plane, train or automobile, this must be what its like! Just take a brolly and step outside.

Now the British fascination about the weather has just cause this summer. If this rain was a small price to pay for a tropical backlash we'd all be smiling. It would be a relief from the barmy-beautiful-sun- kissed-land. As it stands or flows past your feet, you look up from the ever increasing runoffs and see the streets peppered with new fashion, wellington boots and cagoules galore. But I'd rather be a throwback beach bum out of fashion than an in vogue rubber clad icon.... grrrr give us those rays soon, the third book is suffering.  My beach hats need airing, they're disintegrating with moisture overload.

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