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Thursday, 19 July 2012

To everyone out there who's been a little bit of a blue meanie. Yes the books are getting proof read as I broadcast to you all. Yes horrible reviews do upset you, yes it's difficult publishing and editing at 2 am at night in between work, work, work, food, sleep, shower, driving, watering plants, dusting off old notes, paying bills, ciphering through everyday life and throwing out the garbage... remembering to call friends and family, occasionally seeing friends and family, an odd trip here and there, saving an animal, stroking a fuzzy friend, enjoying the Muppets... oh is this one of my meandering sentences that confuses those critics. WELL excuse yourselves and enrol in Oxfords English Lit Course (hmm difficult to get in!??) ... my readers don't need an instruction manual to know what I'm getting at and thankfully they have more heart and forgiveness to blinking spend time writing about what they didn't like. They are bright and can follow flow of consciousness without the aid of a mind map!!!  MY READERS LOVE LIFE AND ARE POSITIVE.  I wasn't aiming for a pulitzer, my aim is fun and to share.  But nevertheless the proffeee reading is occurring;)  xxx Thanks to my real fans and humbug to the meanies!

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