Freaky Friday-E-Revolution

Friday, 20 July 2012

Yet another interesting article from BBC. The class divide, which is an archaic British system depicting economic status, education, attitude and environment (for our international readers) is about to be obliterated in publishing.
Normally reserved for what the British call 'middle-class graduates.' Publishing is being tipped on its head... YEAH!!! I am a true believer of 'a person is a person undefinable by position, economics or otherwise.'
If you're nice you're nice who gives a **** what you do and what credit rating your house and plastics create, lets face it if we look at the world as it is, the banks need asbo's and the governments need educating!

So well done Amazon in shaking up the publishing world as we know it, (ok huge profits for them but it's a revolution nonetheless). I no longer feel the need to have a sex change, go to Eton or Harrow follow on to Cambridge or Oxford, filter through on some minor extract on BBC radio 4 and hang on it's peripheral until my name turns into a double barrel fast track ticket to stuffy class-obsessed agents.

After approaching countless agents (you only have yourselves to blame that people are self-publishing now! Granted an editor/proof reader would have been handy!)
But the Agent game is rather an aggravated version of 'the chicken and egg.'  You can't get published without a recommendation, you can't get recommended if you haven't got an agent, you won't get an agent unless your published!!!  Foolproof system of keeping your pate loving, polo playing friends in a select world of the elite!

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