Sunday, 1 July 2012

1st. day of July and book sells are rocketing, over 100 today already. The world is full of romance and most importantly FUN and all of YOU:)   Wonderful, unbelievable loyal word spreading, media messing  clever READERS!

It is "universally acknowledged" that Colin Firth is the definitive Mr. Darcy.  Right?
So my question to you all is who is your ideal romantic leading man?  
Mine, hands down is Mr.Darcy or more specifically Colin Firth's Mr. Darcy in the BBC Serial "Pride & Prejudice".   The voice, the breeches, the frilly shirt, those intense, dark, scrutinising eyes...yummmmy.
Mr. Darcy is the man I go to when I start thinking about my new romantic leads.  Michael Canty in 'Moving Up On Manolo's' is Darcy reincarnated and in my latest book, which I hope to have available in September Darcy reappears this time as a Big Dane (now, now, stop that giggling at the back, I've yet to give the Big Dane a name).  The reasons I love Darcy, well to start he's handsome, the most eligible bachelor in the room but he also comes across as uptight, conceited and aloof - in all the houses of Pemberley who is going to fall for a man like that!?  It takes a bright and witty spark like Lizzie Bennet to bring out his more personable side and he can't help but fall in love with her.  Sigh... daydream...ponder...  
 It's the ultimate love story- where love breaks through social divides and conquers all. The tension, the passion and sweet sweet gratification when all comes good.

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