Any Physicists about? Need a landslide against gravity

Friday, 13 July 2012

I know you'll be pulling those ranks back into place, it was just a temporary glitch right? Otherwise I need some serious theorists for a time continuum project;))) just the weather effecting us? I hope so... Also my typo's are there to share;))) perfection is fake and boring (but will proff read and appylload sooney!!!)

Have a great weekend everyone, I've just past Guildford in a train  & all around me browse on their kindles, iPads etc- feel like commandeering the vessel and downloading a little something for the weekend. Is that called free ebook marketing/ same rules as free speech yes? If this comes out funny excuse Apple phone writing - Knew I should have got a banana phone, the yellow fruit lends itself so easily to the function of media telecom + the silent feature involves eating, peaceful and tasty That's all I want in a phone!

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