Viva España- A reason to celebrate due to Mr P

Friday, 20 July 2012

My first sale in the Spanish speaking (   It certainly doesn't pass without great notice, celebrations and admiration I can tell you - much are my international humble pie slices.

The only amazons missing now are .FR & .IT !  Now what's that all about my good Italian and French friends;) ???   I love your countries and have spent many €'s, francs, Lira accordingly. My goodness I am a one woman walking French cosmetics company advert, oo-lahlah, Hermes has been propped up by my perfume purchases alone, lets not get started on Chanel, Dior and general crepe consumption.
Now Milan, Venice, Roma and Florence how many boots? How many bags? Max-Mara, Prada and the dreamy Bottega Veneta to Gucci and Pucci and a flurry of Versace and of course a stop off at Ferragamo and Fendi. My first expensive designer purchase was a Moschino waistcoat of colourful proportions. And did I mention my first designer furniture purchase was Foscarini Lamp!!! Tosse il mio italiano amici;)   Are my hints too subtle? 

But I have pay thanks to my good friend Dario P or Mr Pasty as I fondly call him.
So with much thanks, love and squeezy hugs to you Mr Pasty this blog post is solely dedicated to you in Miami, the continent misses you muchly xxx  Now get onboard all you cool Miami kids, your leader has shown the way!  Have a great weekend, especially Mr P ;)

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