Olympic Dash for MUOM- Oxford Uni following!

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

All in all it's been my most successful month ever, concerning book sales. MUCHAS GRASIAS XXX But MUOM has to break into the top # 10 and give a shade of pink, purple, or whatever is on-trend!

So I'm thinking could we have a 1st August flurry my friends and loyal readers? Amazon rankings move on splurts and spurts - they take into account movement rather than consistency. Now I am truly grateful for consistency as this is the route to longevity and book No. 3 will be counting on that. As you know both books are being proof read and the third has been offered services from Oxford University no less!!! Imagine my delight, having really messed up my English lit degree in its first term. :) Welcome high brow readers, I know you're relaxing when you come into my world:) You know who you are (hugs and kisses to you all day long) and this is just a blog-post to say thanks for coming onboard, writers are nearly incapable of editing their own work, that's why proof readers and editors are so important in the publishing world. We salute you tower of learning scholars xxx

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