The Danes another First in Liberalism!

Friday, 30 November 2012

That's why we love the Danes!


Enjoy and please let me know if you're enjoying the sound of the next Book! Thanks

"I root through the rather overcrowded boot and find more severed headsets, wires just guillotined from their little round ears; a fire extinguisher; goggles; a torch; three mismatching shoes; two mismatching wellies; a medical kit and a blanket. I lift the blanket up and see a picnic hamper. Being more easily distracted than an ADD goldfish I have a little snoop. The basket has unfinished food and wine in… hmmm. This can’t be more than a couple of days old because I’d definitely still eat the cheese. 
But the wine smells a bit potent - Paige always for a more robust flavour than me. Countless compromising when we’re out, so now we take it in turns but both still overrule Victoria her palate is… well it’s safe to say for the sweeter tones, she’d wouldn’t notice the difference if you served her up a dessert wine for the entrée! (I only know this stuff because of the restaurant, it’s not like we’re connoisseurs lunching gourmet style regularly at Le Gavroche!) But Victoria has such a sweet tooth for everything."

Google Doodle - Very Cool Scotland!

Hello Scotland!
I hope you're all fishing in honour! Should be nice and warm today!!!! Brrrrrr

OMG- The true Meaning!

Fighting Love is losing it's battle. Will Harry come through, will she karate chop Shades of Grey into smithereens? Or will she be lost forever?

Wow - Amazon Christmas Deal mention for MUOM. Whoopee!!!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

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