How the Internet ignites Independence!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

A lot of people fear for our computer reliant world, even say globalisation and homogenised thinking is seeping out of it's fibre optics. But what it has done is open up a quirky marketplace for creative people who would have otherwise been trapped in the corporate world of spreadsheets and presentations, growing greyer and greyer by the day as their only remaining highlight was the actual use of highlighter pens.
People too shy to approach the wider market for fear of rejection and ridicule have found their outlet online. Of course my own publishing journey is not a far jump and skip from this. I did hound publishers only to be told you have to have an agent and agents saying you have to be published. The most frustrating chicken and egg game ever, so much so I took the plunge and went the kindle way. (OK the access to 7 editors would have been handy and quite frankly save me several (cough)
"I'm so sorry" mails until the updated versions came along) but the internet has had a positive butterfly effect.

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