Proven Writers Block Remedies-Pyjama's & Embarrassing BedHair?

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Right that's it, I'm staying in my rather mismatched pyjama's and atrocious nest of hair until I reach 70.000 words... Is that how you beat writer's block? Fear of Fashion and horror of someone seeing you pre hair product manipulation, Kate Bush and the seventies has nothing on me this morning? What on earth did I dream about to produce such a matted mess at the back.
Not only does it pain me to look at the clashing colours of Gingham bottoms and recently stained (Ok an oversight in the colour load of the weeks washing) off white chic T-shirt? But my hair needs a barrage of conditioner to get my avatar dreadlock out at the back, this little appendage certainly doesn't talk to the animals, it could cause a major breakdown in the bio-neural network, I fear it will sizzle and fry the HomeTree. Now I will force myself to look my visitors in the face and explain why I might qualify for sectioning. I'm a bad girl indeed.

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