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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Ooops... Fridays excerpt comes Saturday Morning to you instead, had a bit of a ladies problem day yesterday. I hear a few sighs in sympathy out there;)
Really if men go to war anytime soon they should just modify these hormonal feelings and send over the battle-lines in a palatable capsule! Yucky fallout, exhaustion, aches, terrible aches, excrutiating cramps, delirium and a feisty temper thrown in with a dash of irrationality.
Follow up with "moreish" food propaganda leaflet wrapped in chocolate and Hey Presto you've won!
Your enemy will only be too happy for you to clear up the country as they retreat with a hot water bottle and duvet ) all courtesy of your sergeant major.

‘You want it, come get it!’ I purr at him breathlessly. I really have surpassed myself in the naughty talk. The dirtiest thing I’ve ever said is, the dustbins need taking out or that curry is really repeating on me. 

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