Mitt and his Muddle

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

If you browse through Mitt's policies he does sound rather muddled, by all means give him some sleepy town out in the middle of Utah to govern where policy making only effects the cows but don't impose him on the rest of the world. We really don't need a chink in his (ever increasing armoury ambitions), an archaic spoke on a penny farthing, a dud in a catastrophic canister, a picnic short of a few (basic women's rights) liberty sandwiches, a binder short of current Morman listings...., J Edgar Hoover will rise again.
Unsure of your vote, there's always a third option which would be better than ol' Massachusetts Mitt.
This guys anti-choice, anti peace, anti-climate, anti-society (apart from the rich), anti progression, anti diplomacy, anti all... Just read the Beeb impartial article before you vote.

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