Charlie Sheen The 3000 ! Thanks All & Charlie of course

Friday, 2 November 2012

My little world of Books sold 3000 last month, I wonder what the winter months will bring?
Someone likes me! And I like you too, don't think I don't praise you all each day. I have an effigy of hundreds of Kindles with tiny beautiful faces (made out of possibly past its sell by date playdough) smiling out from all around in a setting of a summer meadow, cowpats included. So what if I get a few bad reviews in contrast to what's being downloaded I think it's fair to say...
"We're Winning"
You less than favourable reviewers are by the cowpats but you're still in the meadow, you lovely kind reviewers have limitless access to the river bar and it's young handsome shiny attendants;) Oh butterflies circle your golden beauty,
It does pay to be nice!!!

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