Friday, 9 November 2012

Every girl needs her girlfriends, and Poppy has two of the best. Best friends forever. The three met at school and have been inseparable ever since! The three Musketeers. Book 3 will feature their escapades and adventure. Like the sound of it so far??

"Paige is one of my best friends from school, an urban warrior striding through life. She knows exactly what she wants and won’t let anything get in her way. Even the pittance she earns as a Production Assistant doesn’t deter her from her mission. One day she will be a Film Producer. Paige has always been the leader of the pack even at school she was the one who organised charity events from pensioner’s bingo to Sports Relief, extra curricula theatre production and all of our themed dance nights. She’s much more poised and self-assured than I am, she’s also straight-talking, no nonsense – verging on brutal – and, funny, smart and loyal. I love her to bits. My other best friend Victoria is a real high-flyer. She left university with a published educational book on economics used at A-level and was snapped up straight away by the corporate world. Together we are the three musketeers, whenever we’re lost we find each other and set ourselves up for the next stage of life, if I didn’t have them I think I would be locked up by now for abandoning a human being after asphyxiation via aftershave poisoning." 

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