Do you have to have a Kindle to read an E-book?

Monday, 27 February 2012

After publishing my second book I still had friends asking if they had to have a Kindle device to read amazon's e-books. So this seemed a frequent enough question that I'd thought I'd answer for you all.... No you just have to have a device to download the kindle app onto and that can be anything (with buttons).

Click on the link and you can ascertain Amazon have it pretty well covered. No excuses then is there :)
Androids, PC's, I-thingies, Tablets, milkshakes, soft cuddly toys etc...

Oh and check out Tunbridge Wells other author! another fellow e-book scribbler or by the looks of it multi-talented Tunbridge tinkler, writer, actor, editor... the list of credits too numerous to mention.  He's reading my books as we speak and they'll feature in his review spot in Tunbridge's very own Staying In/Going Out.  So thanks Zac and Lee another budding artist behind the keyboard.

And The Winner Is....

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Congratulations Nay Nay :) ... look forward to your free copy of "Moving up on Manolo's"

And thanks to all who participated in the blog hop and taking the time to comment, all of you have been fantastically good sports.

Another congratulations to Tammy Ramey who won the grand prize US$ 60,- that's a lot of books to enjoy.

And of course an extra special thank you to Ranae Rose for arranging this great Valentines blog-hop.
We all thoroughly enjoyed it Authors and commentators !

Valentines Adventure or Vanish with a Valium

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines can be a poignant day in a girls life. What will this year bring? "Expectation of Excitement" or "Dread with a dash of Disaster."

It's always a toss up between the two, and as each year passes we try and kid ourselves it really doesn't matter; it's a commercialised capitalist conspiracy designed to sell flowers, chocolates; enabling restaurants to push their prices up purely on the back of a tone deaf lone violinist and not some rare truffle froth only in-season in February. But actually Valentines stems from further back to christian times, more to the point the martyrs, a popular namesake by all accounts. So how many Valentines have you been a martyr, seen it through every painful detail and vowed never to let it happen again?

Most women's memory have that selective button also, it's not purely a male thing. Even though the disasters are burnt in there we vanquish them from our thoughts. So here we are again wondering what invitations, cards, facebook onslaughts will happen this year. You live in hope the slimy one from the office doesn't publicly leave flowers on your desk thinking he has entitlement of the day and that the dark mysterious artist living across from your building plants a cryptic clue in your mailbox on where to meet. Maybe you should just phone Valentine's Pizza and make a hit on the young delivery guy saves all the worry, work and wallowing. Plus you get a dinner that requires no knife and fork etiquette! 

Tuesday, 7 February 2012



Red Hot Romance Valentines Day Blog Hop Has Begun

Check out the other participating blogs here and the prize draws. Grand prize US$60 giftcard to All Romance eBooks. Browse through all our sexy authors work and loosen your collar!

Here's a juicy excerpt from my ebook, "Moving Up On Manolos." Remember leave a comment with a contact and you'll have a chance to win it.  What constitutes saucy for you "suggestive" or "descriptive"?

He swings me up in his arms and lays me down on the bed stepping back to admire the somewhat naughty view, thank God for the scanty Agent Provocateur ensemble.  My body writhes helplessly.  I don’t care.  I've never felt so animalistic.  It wills him to join me and I pounce on top of him ripping off his clothes, a wild tigress I’ve become.  I actually do rip his shirt and it seems to ignite him even more.  I stifle the giggle that’s on my lips not wanting to spoil the moment.  
He looks magnificent.  Sweat glistening on his chest and the fire flaying freely about his hips pulsating and eager.  I had no notion of how hungry I was for him.  He engulfs me with his body and I feel so aroused I tear my underwear off in desperation of him.  We can't hold each other tightly enough.  It becomes a sweaty struggle, rough, obsessive and all the while we are touching and holding and tasting and sucking until we draw away from one another, panting hard and fast. 
‘Your are beautiful,’ he rasps.
How does he have the energy to talk?
And then it’s back down to business; our hot wet kisses growing more ardent. 

If you enjoyed this little taster why not download the complete version "Moving Up On Manolos" to your phone, laptop, ipad via the kindle app for £0.77/US$1.21

Thanks everyone X

C'mon it's cheaper than a mango and it lasts forever!!!

Curl up with my latest book and improve your day.
It's perfect weather to escape into the realms of fantasy get out of the cold, select a comfortable spot, choose the appropriate beverage and relax.

Here it is, at last Fighting Love my second book. It's an easy read with lots of fun on the way and an appearance by the delectable Alex Canty (some of you may know him already from Moving up on Manolos).

Thanks to all my dedicated readers and a very warm welcome to any new ones X

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