Do you have to have a Kindle to read an E-book?

Monday, 27 February 2012

After publishing my second book I still had friends asking if they had to have a Kindle device to read amazon's e-books. So this seemed a frequent enough question that I'd thought I'd answer for you all.... No you just have to have a device to download the kindle app onto and that can be anything (with buttons).

Click on the link and you can ascertain Amazon have it pretty well covered. No excuses then is there :)
Androids, PC's, I-thingies, Tablets, milkshakes, soft cuddly toys etc...

Oh and check out Tunbridge Wells other author! another fellow e-book scribbler or by the looks of it multi-talented Tunbridge tinkler, writer, actor, editor... the list of credits too numerous to mention.  He's reading my books as we speak and they'll feature in his review spot in Tunbridge's very own Staying In/Going Out.  So thanks Zac and Lee another budding artist behind the keyboard.

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  1. Ha ha! Tunbridge Tinkler! Never been called that! Thanks for the link and for your books. Good luck with the sales. x



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