Valentines Adventure or Vanish with a Valium

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines can be a poignant day in a girls life. What will this year bring? "Expectation of Excitement" or "Dread with a dash of Disaster."

It's always a toss up between the two, and as each year passes we try and kid ourselves it really doesn't matter; it's a commercialised capitalist conspiracy designed to sell flowers, chocolates; enabling restaurants to push their prices up purely on the back of a tone deaf lone violinist and not some rare truffle froth only in-season in February. But actually Valentines stems from further back to christian times, more to the point the martyrs, a popular namesake by all accounts. So how many Valentines have you been a martyr, seen it through every painful detail and vowed never to let it happen again?

Most women's memory have that selective button also, it's not purely a male thing. Even though the disasters are burnt in there we vanquish them from our thoughts. So here we are again wondering what invitations, cards, facebook onslaughts will happen this year. You live in hope the slimy one from the office doesn't publicly leave flowers on your desk thinking he has entitlement of the day and that the dark mysterious artist living across from your building plants a cryptic clue in your mailbox on where to meet. Maybe you should just phone Valentine's Pizza and make a hit on the young delivery guy saves all the worry, work and wallowing. Plus you get a dinner that requires no knife and fork etiquette! 

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