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Saturday, 8 September 2012

After so many of you lovely readers e-mailed your answers and asked if you could have the weekend to spam, link, mail, tweet, book of faces, phone (now that's a novelty!) and send carrier pigeons to your friends about winning a copy of "FIGHTING LOVE"
I've decided to keep the comp open until Sunday night when you've all settled down from your hive of cyber activities. So here it is again... (perhaps there will be more than one winner if I get overloaded with good reviews on AMAZON!!!!) Bribery is alive and well, and no I'm not too proud;)

What was Nicholas's dog called in "Moving Up On Manolo's"?
Drop me an e-mail ( for details click on CONTACT ME page) and I will draw the winning name tomorrow night and you'll receive your very own Kindle version of "Fighting Love."
Remember to include the e-mail you want to receive the electronic e-book on or if it differs include the other e-mail address
or send it as a cheery gift to a friend !
GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! xxx Thought to have a little give away to get you into that Friday feeling xxx
(Clearly state which e-mail address is the delivery address, THANKS:)

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