Hubble v Curiosity

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Of course Hubble's been up there since 1990 making it the godfather of kodak moments in space.
I like to call him "Papa Cosmos Corleone." Large and a little cumbersome whacking his flashes all over planetary systems, "you want distance galaxies, I'll give you distance galaxies, talk to Mumbles he gotta a few moons out in sector zw45-1! Yeah Pluto's still a planet I guarantee you quality stardust, don't listen to the rookie."

This image is worth thinking about, an inkling of an angle and we get 5.500 galaxies. Yep you've guessed it I will be spending the rest of the day wondering who lives there. Or is it like the Antarctic or Australian outback no neighbours for light years on end? But when you do find them there's beer and a barbee:) or very iced vodka served by black and white waiters (penguins). I'd like to think our first encounter of a third kind will have a party atmosphere, or any atmosphere come to that matter... I could go on with this all earth day 'matter' (light and dark)... what is the length of your day? ... etc... etc... etc...

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