Mark Zuckerberg Speaks and shares GAIN $ 6.8 billion

Monday, 17 September 2012

Maybe he should swap careers and take up public speaking. An unlikely candidate?! Not a smooth operator, a natural motivator perhaps but wow our world is very touchy, very reactionary- I'm gobs-smacked. Proves the stock markets are behaving like PMT women! Look to your Demi-Gods! Try Divination... anything is worth a go if one man with poor dress sense can conjure that;) No Offence Mr Zuckerberg but you know you're not David Beckham it will hardly come as a shocking revelation, but smart foresight on your scale is undeniably more enviable than a well cut suit.
Now imagine if he had the foxiness of B.Pitt and the cheeky charm of Clooney! Our whole world would be out of the debt crisis in 30 seconds... Food for thought IMF!

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