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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

There's no doubt social media is a part of every day life now, unless you've been stuck in the outer regions of a Mongolian Monastery for the past 20 yrs after taking a vow of "un-matrixed""un-wired""what's that? Mobile phones? But how? I-want-nothing-to-do-with-evil-invisible-witchcraft" kind of vow.
I'm sure spiritual leaders are now catering for this.
(Yes all right, all right, one of those lines is blatant plagiarism from MUOM but I'm allowed to lift lines from my own book and pass them off as my own?!?!...hmmm interesting conundrum.)
It's a nice little marketing pitch for those sacred (often strange places) to recoup some costs, a monastery on the Isle of Wight offers such a placement! I wonder if the Abbot has wi-fi?! Otherwise how would he know who's coming to stay? Everywhere is nearly connected Blofeld... (stroke white cat:) & who are our Mr Smiths?
That remains to be seen. (And no it's not me! I would at least offer cake with a pleasant chat before engaging in anti-gravitational fighting.)

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