Kate Middleton Topless - Don't succumb to the frenzy

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Female species have mammary glands, get over it! If this is news? Really France Sacre Bleu maybe have a look at something in your own garden with a long range lens, I hear you need that to see where Sarkozy is anyway, little imp;) I suggest we all go out onto the streets and surprise each other, take away the shock horror that boobs are here to stay and that yes... woman have mammary glands! Some big, some small...woooohoo  revelation! Go Danish - accept yes it really is part of nature and we all are naked, we just get more so if we have good weather, otherwise its reliant on temperature. Scientific Fact;) If I had the tropics I wouldn't have the trousers, saves on the washing!

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