Google Maps v Apple's IOS6

Thursday, 20 September 2012

I had a sneaking suspicion on how Apple were supposed to trump Google Maps when they've been working solidly on gathering information for years. I have the old, olde worlde, prehistoric, pre Bieber 4 and was reluctant to upgrade because of the loss of Google Maps. So from someone with no sense of direction even if armed with Map, giant landmarks, sundial, satnav... google get me there as I can follow my blob as I'm walking. BTW I suggest Apple make an App where Siri can have a personality of your choice....   Hal is within our reach!
Personally I would like a high brow ironic sense of humour with an attitude... think Holly (Red Dwarf) Marvin the Robot (Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy)... endless entertainment, but remember HAL! Gulp

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