Kindle v Walmart !

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Could this possibly be the reason (USA) for a slip in rankings?! I hope not, don't forget the books are for sale on other e-platforms!!!
I'm sure Kindle doesn't need a physical shelf anymore than amazon needs to have a coffee shop with today's chocolate offers at the end of checkout, the virtual store has plenty of virtual space. But of course this news will have some quaking in their boots, but "Waterstone's" on the other hand embraces its direct competition.
The juxtaposition of this leaves me wondering if in fact they have a master plan up their literary sleeve, maybe as soon as certain titles get popular they offer the author a publishing contract with exclusive limited prints. It will be the equivalent of when people thought all music would be CD's and all other formats would become obsolete, true in some cases but "Vinyl" the older format still remains strong, just collectable. So I wonder in my pondering if that's the marketing ploy... "Waterstones" becomes the connoisseur of collecting. People (no matter how techy they are) always have their favourite things surrounding them, books will always be there! Libraries are fascinating, plain and simply. We're not going to give them up. What's the chances of "architectural designer shelving systems" popping up and being sold alongside the Kindle and physical books in Ikea - Waterstones?!
Oh I hear disbelief echoing around cyber world here, I have one thing to say about that...  
"Fahrenheit 451" A book about destruction of books and how TV would destroy the world of literature yet it's paradoxical in itself! Mr Bradbury made a healthy living from his writings! J.K Rowling a healthy living from Film! I'm sure one day I'll pen a comedy about life whilst watching Mother's eighties American soap opera's, shoulder pads n' all, maybe Waterstones could design the book's cover as detachable shoulder pads. "The Duology"of all book covers
We live in a topsy-turvy world:) Somewhat symbiotical:)✓&query=nina+whyle

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