Friday, 7 September 2012

Whether you're a D or an R please don't let ignoramuses back into the White House, it's so nice to have a leader who understands the world in the wider sense. The greater GOOD!
1) He knows where countries are and what they're about!
(Geographically speaking too. Huge advantage in Foreign Policy Diplomacy-Think Palin OMG)
2) He's articulate.
(Can read more advanced literature than where's Wally and The Biblical Chapters! + Highly sensitive papers without phoning Blair and arms dealers.)
3) The world respects him, therefore respects USA
4) He fights for equality for everyone - USA medical treatment for everyone! (Basic Human right without the use of a credit card)
5) He isn't surrounded by unscrupulous Texan men trying to muscle in on policy for capital gains.
6) No one in his party is called TODD AKIN!!!
7) He doesn't look like he stepped out of the sexist, blinkered, paranoid past and knows we are not in a 1970's James Bond Movie.
8) Pitt, Clooney, Woody, Damon, Streep, Close, Stiller, Rock, DeNiro, Hoffman, De Generes, Penn, Douglas, Sarandon, Nicholson, Dr Spock, Spacey, Spielberg, Sheen, Moore, Midler, Robbins, Streisand, Fonda, Wonder, Aniston, Madge, Cher, Ross, Diaz, Stone, MacLaine, Paltrow, Portman, CLINTON's .... Who's got the cooler supporters??  
9) More Tolerance concerning... GAYs, WOMEN's choices, Minorities, Beliefs.  Otherwise called
"The rich tapestry that makes our world colourfully wonderful"
Wouldn't it be boring to be the same:)

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