Saturday, 8 September 2012

This is classic chick-lit at it's very best. It's funny, it's sassy, it's totally relate-able and it's got great shoes in the title, what more could you want from a novel? And not only do you root for the main character Jane (as she enters this whole, new life in Hollywood) where she may very well get her dream man, get her dream job in her dream location on Broadway in New York, but you also want to turn the page to find out if it all ends up the way you want it to. I won't spoil it, but I was genuinely satisfied with the outcome. The kindle version finishes with an extract from the second book by Nina Whyle, which I read and this will be put on my hit list to lookout for seeing as it contains the hot actor 'Alex Canty' character from the first book and seems to be just as entertaining from what I can make out.
THANKS MAUREEN... FYI  Maureen is also a successful author check out her books
I feel privileged to have got this rating from such a star

I'm loving this page of reviews xxx Good Reads is such a GOOD site!!!

And Shelley... xxx kisses and hugs so glad you enjoyed

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