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Monday, 10 September 2012

Whilst I was setting up my Fighting Love comp another author friend of mine set up his own which I was luckily enough a winner of. I look forward to reading my copy out loud and with outrageous character voices with all the children around me which grace my life. I know I have a lot of Yummy "scrumdiddlyumptious" Mummies as my readers so thought to make a link to "Michael Alexander's" wonderful world so you can get on reading MUOM or FL or Book 3 (coming soonish!) as the little sweetheart hooligans close their tired eyes for sleepy time.

Michael is a magical children's author so for all of you budding parents out there wanting to fill your children's life with "Magic" stop by and order a few bedtime stories. They'll love you even more! He has five children so there's nothing he doesn't know about calmness before bedtime! Creativity often rises out of necessity ;) and what better way than entertain your children than giving them a whole new world to themselves. Never forget to play:) What are you waiting for? Click the below link to your land of Adventure NOW!

Exciting competitions for the Ankle Biters too!
Alec's story

Until wishes are fulfilled 2 - Alec's story.
For the second book cover I ran a competition for children, inviting them to design a cover based on the synopsis. The local paper ran an article on the competition and it went into the local libraries and schools.
The response was fantastic and it was difficult to pick a winner. Finally I chose the one pictured, drawn by Matthew Woodcock who was thirteen. 


AND HE DOES POEMS!!! Is there no end to this wonderful man's attributes. Off you Go and order your personal copies.
My Poems 

My Pet Dragon
My dragon is a tricky pet
Last week I took him to the vet
He barely fitted through the door
And caused a terrible uproar
The dogs all whined, the cats they hissed
The rat, I’m told, will be sadly missed
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