How to get into the Top 10 on Kindle like Shades of Grey:)

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Moving Up On Manolo's swinging from 120-300 and riding the wave, but how to get into the top 10?
Any valid suggestions and not I'm not adding BDSM every other page just for the hell of it!

She paid for the milk but that was not all it signified, by exchanging money for creamy delights she'd entered into his web of dark dairy, before time she'd be pounding the cheese-churn with all the strength she could muster.
"I'm not interested in Yogurt" he shouted at her, scorning her feeble pace.
She quickened her tugging and reached for the cheesecloth.
'You're not ready for the cloth' his words stinging her delicate ear lobe, 'you haven't even got a curdle going.. you amateur.' He reached around her and forced her hand onto the handle.....
Give me a scenario and I'll get it to sounds like SOG!!

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