Romney to Altruism --- How did I manage that???

Saturday, 1 September 2012

That's it my faith in humanity restored! Apart from my readers and a few morsels of everyday altruism probably due to being surrounded with people like minded, hello Friends and Family!
We are creatures who share - apart from my brother who never liked sharing Lego! That's an engineering mind trying to dominate a floaty-hippy village system based on pretty colours, who said lego-wheels wouldn't make great coffee tables, his "off road explorer" had spares! Besides even exploration of the blanket terrain (immersed in dirt, sand and general toddler grime) needs coffee breaks and where would you put the coffee I ask? ! I feel I have won this age old argument.
"LEGO WHEELS FOR TABLES" my first political stance against Romney. Lets face it even I'd be associated with my brothers counter beliefs but please remove the nutters from your party dear Mitt. I sign off as 'Ladies Evening Glove"  Plus Obama makes a better photo call and we've only just got the idea that America is a land of the free, don't spoil it!

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