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Thursday, 2 May 2013

My thanks to Nikki :)))) who pointed out some editing issues in "When Life Goes Pop" when she read it on her I-Pad. BTW she thinks its the best book yet!
It's so kind my beautiful readers contact me if something looks a bit "Pete Tong" You are certainly the best and most caring readers a fuzzy girl could have.
All these issues have been rectified and (hopefully) it reads as smooth as a silken mitten of sexy Love-Fun:)
But let me know, you know I need to know, so if you know, let me know by e-mail:)
I know you will when you know!!! 
Please allow for uploading issues from a girl who is about as friendly with Microsoft as Oasis were with Robbie! So if you can hold off panning me in reviews and just let the updated version role onto your devices before publishing me into the damnation of editing and grammar hell reviews of no return:) My thanks is ever growing on that score, thanks thanks and tusinde tak! & double triple thanks cubed to infinity and beyond:)

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