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Friday, 24 May 2013

An article after Poppy's heart!

If you like the sound of that, download some weekend reading material via the tin-ter-netty thingy!

‘Poppy, this is Fran├žois Deville.’
He kisses me on the cheeks the Continental way, one on each.
He is fiftyish, very suave, very charming and very French.
I love the French accent. I could listen to an accent like that all day. French is by far the most poetic, gliding and rolling off the tongue whilst tickling your top teeth in the process. I liked it as a subject at school and I had a French au pair one summer when my mother decided to live in the garden, one of her art experiments.
Now, I’ve already confessed that my school French is uh … rusty, as rusty as my libido got with Piers. If I had been wearing a chastity belt the hinges would have fused together by now. Yeah, that bad! 

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