Saturday, 25 May 2013

Once again I thank you all for bearing with me until I could afford a proof-reader (The Lovely Liz) needless to say all my profits have now gone on getting the 3 books proof-read!!! But my pleasure if it makes your experience smoother, better and more satisfying. Ooo-er sounds like a naughty coffee ad!

You know what's coming... a plea from the writers beer pockets... download and help me generate proof-reading funds for the 4th. Book! It will save me falling and scarring myself down the chasms of grammar and typo hard reviews!

Any writer will tell you it's near impossible to see your own work's pitfalls once it's finished, remember my analogy... like painting white in the arctic on icebergs with white paint under white light with white snow falling all around... Yeah difficult one. Publishing houses use 8-10 different editors (we are all human and not machine made as far as I know!) Because even editors make mistakes... yes they're human too!
My little gratifying pet hate is reviewers who criticise grammar and spelling who make mistakes of the same in their own negative review! Hmmm...
I use positive criticism as this actually helps us authors, ie: yeah there is grammar errors but you liked the story, swing more towards helping us than scorning us when we're trying to write for you and mostly I actually do love "the book finished too soon I need more!" Thanks for these, they egg me on.

Yes... fickle be the woman author, but we need inspiration from our public like all of humanity, we put ourselves out there and (yes you have to develop a thick skin and use it for the positive) but it's hard when someone is so damning against you, sensitivity and diplomacy are always nice to use towards any of your fellow beings. Contact me directly on my blog e-mail instead of running my dreams down to ash. I'm open to criticism and mistakes but your words are better directed at me so I can fix the problem rather than screwing up my * ratings on amazon. I love stars, who doesn't. Stars are the beginning of life:) I'm trying to follow my dream, nightmarish things do happen but help and support is generally what I get from all you lovely followers and I love you for it, it makes my mind better tuned for writing more for you xxx

Sounded a bit moany I know, must check PMT calender!

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