The Hunger Games - Sequel 2013 - Lionsgate

Sunday, 26 May 2013

I thought this was going to be a lateral film about women craving cake at 3-4 pm! Imagine my surprise  when there wasn't even a hint of a pastry tray! Aha... me thinks pmt Whyle has a new angle for box-office smashing sequel, feel free to contact me Lionsgate!

All is at stake as the bakers and patisserie owners of the world fall foul to the explosion of the human race's increasingly salty palates. 
Is this conspiracy between the one remaining food manufacturer and the supremely corrupt global government kosher? 
Deciding our greedy consumption for all things edible has to come to a stop, the games are afoot. Will the hormonal women find the baking ingredients? Who knew icing and chocolate chips could be used as lethal weapons... with such horrifying results. Will anyone win the cherry on top and can you have your cake and eat it? The Game's rules take a sudden turnabout and the sky fills with almond flakes... 

"The women of the world's uprising is the most shocking scene ever printed on celluloid, I recommend taking a person you can grab onto if you dare!"                           E-NEWS If buzzards fly, we'd know about it!

For more info on this screen play please contact me via my email, I have to go now there's a Danish waiting for me;) If you like French and Danish, download WHEN LIFE GOES POP!

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