Monday, 31 December 2012

What a year, my first as a successful Author and all thanks to you. Book 3 is nearly there but I won't make the same mistake twice, rush it and do my own proof reading! Say no more;)
So how about a Valentine's Launch? A perfect date for romance, an excuse to revel in some soppyness and perhaps admire your newly acquired tiffany box after an exquisite champagne breakfast! We can all dream eh?

I'm not a believer in new years resolutions but I solemnly vow that Book 3 (Any guesses at the title yet after the recent Friday Snippets?) is fast approaching your e-platforms. 
Book 4 soon (ish) Summer/Autumn, just jot it in your calendar when you change the seasons fashions!

As I nearly cracked into Amazon.co.uk Top # 10 in Women's fiction in 2012 I have great hopes for 2013 with all of your help naturally. You have been such stars each and everyone of you that has downloaded, shared, reviewed (complimentary;) and promoted in your own circles. I can only hope all of you have a wonderful 2013 and keep doing what you're doing I wouldn't be here without your support.

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