EUROVISION comes at a price! Is it worth the sacrifice?

Friday, 14 December 2012

I love arriving in Denmark, their national news usually so local and mild compared to the rest of the world.
My Danish friends always say "Welcome back to civilisation!" although they're the quickest to lap up the cheap air tickets for London's shopping!
The Danes and the English do get on well, the sense of self deprecating irony exaggerating into a wealth of Python-esque homages when the 2 races meet. Much fun we have appreciating the blacker comedy of life!
I pick up the Copenhagen Post at the airport and read all about what's going on in the land of Lego and pastries before I reach my Danish fellows.
This article is priceless... Eurovision only taken seriously on the continent! Well it's more entertaining than the Leveson enquiry!

If only all the worlds news had this to be concerned with, what a peaceful world we'd have :)

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