Book 3 preview-Friday's Snippet

Friday, 7 December 2012

A little taster once again for you all ;)

I don’t need to talk to anyone anyway. I don’t mind my own company. I can just sit here and get drunk.
Maggie who’s party it is or Maggot Face as I am now calling her, keeps referring to me as Piers’ girlfriend even though I told her my name on numerous occasions at countless encounters. She’s his boss so I’m trying to be polite, but if she doesn’t start showing me some respect I’ll… I’ll… well I probably won’t do anything because Pier’s would be mighty pissed off, but oh God the woman likes the sound of her own voice. She’s pretty much dominated the conversation since we sat down and Piers is lapping it up. If I didn’t know better I’d say he fancies her. I suppose she is attractive for an older woman but her dress sense is appalling. If I knew Piers liked the Librarian chic I would have raided my Gran’s wardrobe and kept the pure scent of mothballs instead of using my expensive French perfume.

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