Fighting Love, needs you!!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Fighting Love is still fighting the good Amazon fight.

Fighting Love (A Romantic Comedy) [Kindle Edition]

Maybe this snippet, will whet your appetite.

Despite all my self derived protesting that I am not interested in Alex, this hasn’t stopped me craving for him. Why shouldn’t I indulge in some uncomplicated, meaningless sex? Whether it is with Alex or Brett, although if I am going to have sex with Brett I might want to invest in some earplugs!  It will at least sort out this short-term frustration. 
I have listed the pros and cons of having sex with Alex.
1. He’s hot.
2. He would be fantastic in bed.
3. He doesn’t alert dogs with his vocal pitch
4. He’s a movie star- one to tell the grand kids or kittens!
1. He’s a serial womaniser
2. He could be selfish in bed.
3. It would inflate his ego even more.
4. He would be victorious over me.
5. He irritates me.
6. He’s a cad.

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