Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Hallo All and Everyone of you fun finders,
Of course I'm trying my utmost to coerce you this week, but thought it might be fair to give you the description and see if you would like to buy it based on the blooming book's story-line.
As you know whatever story-line I scribble there's always room for fun, frolics and fiddling;)
(Ooo Ahh Matron)

Book Description

 March 22, 2013
A fun chick lit novel about naughty sex, true friendship, and finding love in unexpected places.

Warning: This book contains flashing images of a sizzling sexual nature, one night stands, beautiful dresses, various lush locations, unbelievably handsome men, love, and true friendship.

Just as twenty-five year old Poppy Phillpot gets her life back into gear a mammoth spanner is thrown into the erratic equation of her life - oops - an unplanned pregnancy. But for the love of a patchy memory, who's the daddy? Rewind three months earlier (or thereabouts) to where it all began.

Poppy just about takes charge of her life, dumps the long-term boyfriend (King of Tedium), leaves the daily grind of coffee beans and heads for the Riviera. It's full steam ahead to the glitzy world that is the Festival de Cannes. There she meets a strange foreign entity whilst blagging a new job where her qualifications are questionable. But like all good things it must come to an end, it's just a pity it has to be at such high stakes. When will her life stop going pop, how many balloons does she really have left!

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