Monday, 25 March 2013

I didn't, until I read the tag on the fancy bottle of gin my friend bought me. I'm partial to Bombay Sapphire but having finished that last night (over many evenings not one!) I opened a bottle of Chase Gin, had to google it. http://www.chasedistillery.co.uk/Williams-Gin.htm First they turn organic apples into cider than cider into vodka then distilled vodka into "an elegantly crispy gin to make the perfect gin martini." It tasted stronger than i'm used to but that could have been the generous portion I poured myself. I liked the applely taste and I'm happy to report I remained vertical upright for the rest of the evening.

It got me thinking about the amount of time, love, and the attention to detail it takes to make something you're really proud of and want to sell. And to steal the words from William Chase, "When you are Proud of making something put your name on it"

I spent nearly a year writing WHEN LIFE GOES POP! It took much longer than my other two books. You see writing isn't my day job, so I have to fit it in when I can and that usually means my weekends. And sometimes I can sit down and the words just flow and other times nothing would happen and I'd have to wait a whole week before I could write again. But I will write anywhere, in my bed, outdoors, in a noisy cafe with my earphones plugged in listening to The Civil Wars http://thecivilwars.com . (That was my music of choice the last few months of WLGP!). And I am proud of my third book. I did it properly and I got a professional copy editor/proof-readers to go through it. I just want to write, I enjoy it, I have grown in confidence, and I just want to continue doing it.

Thank you to everyone who has read my books I really appreciate it, and a very warm and hearty welcome to any new readers. I love you all. xxx

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