Thursday, 18 October 2012

Hallo USA or .commers,

I desperately need some of you to post a nice review of MUOM.... someone's done such a rotten one it's banished my star rating to oblivion:( I'm saddened;(((( I write in between everything trying to fulfil a dream.
All I'm trying to do is entertain not enter the noble prize for literature... girls just wanna have fun and by being so mean you'll just stop someone else having a bit of a giggle for no price at all really!  Anyone out there??? Anyone feeling generous?.... will go and stare into space now with sad fish face ;(


  1. Don't let it get to you; remember to write what you want to read, be true and so long as you please some then you have succeeded. Writing is very personal, like all arts and criticism can be hurtful, but having read some of the reviews they're not bad. Be happy and always learn.

  2. Zac you are the perfect penguin :)
    (refer to earlier blog if you're mystified!) Hope all goes well in RTW



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